Brittany Iwanciwski is one of the finest and most versatile fiddlers to come out of BC. Raised on a blend of Classical and Canadian Old Time Music, she plays everything from Celtic to Jazz. 


Now living in Toronto, Brittany collaborates with Tidal Wave and Ollie DelMastro, among others. 

Previous events

April 2, 2020  

This year has been full of extreme highs and lows. With the pandemic, it’s been hard cancelling everything and not knowing when we will be able to play music with friends again.  

Since September, I’ve been furiously working towards my recital at Humber and luckily, it happened on February 14th, 2020. Thank you to Max Chu (@barcodebitch) for the beautiful photos and all my talented fellow musicians. It has been nice looking back on this.  I know we'll get back to some kind of normal soon