Raised on a blend of Classical and Canadian Old Time music, Brittany Iwanciwski (pronounced I-won-chew-ski) has been playing fiddle tunes for a long time. Their music encompasses the thrill of being at an Irish session long after dark and a natural blurring of genres discovered while busking on the streets of Victoria.

Now living in Toronto, Brittany plays Irish music and collaborates with all kinds of musicians including the art rock band Tidal Wave


Previous events


Intercultural & Creative Music Fellowship 2022: The Space between Time

Aga Khan Museum, North York

Enjoy an evening of creative exploration with musicians and filmmakers brought together by Humber College and the Aga Khan Museum as a part of the Intercultural and Creative Music Fellowship of 2022. Each bringing their lived experience in culture and music, the seven musicians and three filmmakers explore interconnectedness across cultures. Learning the histories of the Aga Khan Museum’s artifacts, attending workshops with esteemed musicians in the World music scene, and creating with each other resulted in the piece, The Space Between Time. These seven compositions of music, film, and poetry delve into themes of belonging, time, our differences, and the shared culture of the modern age we must nurture.